Change breadcrumb language

  • Updated

To provide a more consistent language experience, Optimizely Configured Commerce makes it possible to translate the "Home" breadcrumb starting point to display the chosen language. Use the following instructions to update the breadcrumb.

  1. Go to Admin Console > Adminstration > Translation Dictionary.
  2. Click More Options and choose Generate Records to ensure that all options are listed.
  3. Change the Search filter to display Keyword.

  4. Enter "Home_Breadcrumb" into the Search field.
  5. Click Edit adjacent to the desired Breadcrumb or if multiple Breadcrumb will be modified, use the checkboxes and then click Edit in the Secondary Toolbar.
  6. In the Language field, choose the desired language.
  7. Both the Source and Keyword fields can be skipped over,
  8. In the Translation field, enter the translated Breadcrumb name.
  9. Click Save or Save and Next.
  10. Rebuild the Product Search Index:
    1. In the Primary Navigation, click Marketing > Search > Indexing.
    2. Click Full Rebuild for the Product Search Index.

If you have the website open, you many need to toggle back and forth between the different languages on the website before the change displays.