Loading and editing static CSV product data

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If you saved product data as a CSV file in your personal directory on the Optimizely server, you can load product offers into your messages and edit them as necessary in the Template Kit within a static CSV article. See general settings to change content interface paragraph settings. To integrate dynamic product data into the Template Kit, see Dynamic CSV and XML articles.

Loading product data

  1. While editing a message in the Template Kit, click New: Content Paragraph.

    Image: New content paragraph

  2. Click Content Interface.

    Image: Content interface

  3. Change no settings in the configuration window. Click Apply. The new paragraph appears on the left in the preview window, and the Content Interface Article button appears below the new paragraph.

    Your product offers are created as content interface articles, which are subparagraphs of the content interface paragraphs.

  4. Create a new content interface article by clicking Content Interface Article on the left. The configuration window for that article opens.
  5. Change no settings in the configuration window. Click Apply. To the left of the preview window, the menu for the content interface article expands to include the button Content Interface Optimizely image.
  6. Click Content Interface Optimizely image. The Load Content window opens on the right.
  7. In the list, select the product offer to load into your message and click Apply. When the loading is complete, the product offer appears on the left of the preview window.

    To load additional product offers, create a new content interface article for each additional offer.

Editing product data in content interface article

Once your product offer is loaded into your message, you can edit the offer in the Template Kit. To do this, perform the following steps:

  1. On the left of the preview window, in the menu for the corresponding content interface article, click Static CSV Article. The configuration window for that article opens.
  2. Make your changes and click Apply.

    Do not change the layout template if you lack advanced HTML and CSS skills. Doing so can lead to errors, which means that your product offers will not display properly. If you want to modify the layout template but lack HTML and CSS skills, contact customer support.

    Edit the content of your product offers in the CSV file. Then, re-upload the modified CSV file to the server. This ensures that your product offers are up-to-date and that no old, subsequently modified content in the CSV file is loaded into the Template Kit.

    To update an existing content interface article, go to the article's menu bar, click Content Interface Optimizely image, select the appropriate product offer again, and click Apply.

    Customer support can configure the content interface paragraph so that product offers are updated at dispatch by comparing it with your CSV file. If this option is configured, changes to product offers must be made in the CSV file. If you only make changes in the Template Kit, they are overwritten at dispatch with old content from the CSV file.