Standard values of a product offer

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The content interface paragraph can load the following product data:

  1. the product’s unique ID (not displayed in the message)
  2. up to 10 text elements per product offer, in which you can enter the heading for a product offer, the product description, or the product price
  3. up to 3 text links per product offer, such as calls to action (Buy now, Learn more, and so on)
  4. up to 6 product images per product offer (by entering a URL)
    • up to 6 links to product images (one link per image) that direct the recipient to additional information by clicking the image
    • up to 6 alternative texts for product images in case a recipient cannot load product images and to support accessible messages

You can also transfer up to 20 additional datasets as metadata for HTML layout program logic.

The following image shows the components of your product offer.

Image: Components