Optimizely Connect for Campaign

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The Optimizely Digital Experience Platform (DXP) contains many features to support you in your daily work. Depending on how your solution is set up, some features described in this documentation may not be available. 

Optimizely Connect for Campaign is an add-on that connects Optimizely Content Management System (CMS), Optimizely Forms, and Optimizely Campaign. With this add-on, you can collect visitor data and pass that on to Optimizely Campaign. In Optimizely Campaign, the data is added to a recipient list, which can be used to create campaigns across different channels such as web, email, and mobile text messages.

Connect For Campaign overview

To use Connect for Campaign, perform the following steps:

  1. A developer must install the add-on, Connect for Marketing Automation, Optimizely Forms, and the Optimizely Forms Marketing Automation connector. 
  2. The system administrator must authenticate the Connect for Campaign connector with Optimizely Campaign. 
  3. Your website must be set up with Optimizely forms. See Create a form.
  4. You must map the form to a recipient list in Optimizely Campaign. See Map forms to Optimizely Campaign below and recipient lists.
  5. You must map the form elements to specific fields in the recipient list. See Map form elements to recipient list fields below.

Map forms to recipient lists in Optimizely Campaign

When you have a form on your website, you can map that to an Optimizely Campaign recipient list:

  1. Open your form in All Properties view.
  2. Select the tab Mappings:
  3. From the Recipient List drop-down list, select the Optimizely Campaign recipient list to which the form data should be sent.
  4. From the OptIn Process drop-down list, select the opt-in method to be used. An opt-in method requires recipients to give a sender explicit permission to send them advertising mail; see Opt-in.
  5. Publish your form. Continue to map form elements to the specific fields of the recipient list.

Map form elements to recipient list fields

When your form is mapped to a specific Optimizely Campaign recipient list, you need to map your form fields so that each piece of form data is associated with the correct recipient list field. Even if your form has a lot of fields, you only have to map the ones you want to collect data from.

The Email field in the recipient list in Optimizely Campaign is a mandatory field, which means that one of your form fields must be mapped to this field.
  1. If your recipient list has a field called First name and you want to map that to a First name form field, add a Text element to the form and name that First name:
  2. Open the edit view of the First name form field, and select the Extra field mappings tab.
  3. From the MA System Database - [name of the recipient list] drop-down list, select the field name in the recipient list you want to map to, that is First name.
  4. Publish the form field.

Your form and form fields are now mapped to your Optimizely Campaign recipient list. When a visitor fills in the mapped form fields, the data is synced to the corresponding fields in the recipient list.