Start page

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After logging in to Optimizely Campaign, the start page appears showing a dashboard with information and data on your latest campaigns.

To customize the diagram display of the dashboard widgets, see Widget features.

The top bar lets you navigate Optimizely Campaign and access the profile area. The menu bar to the left lets you access all available features based on your user account, the package, and your permissions.

Image: Start page

Top bar

The top bar lets you navigate Optimizely Campaign.

  • Window chooser.
    • The stack icon displays the number of open windows.
    • The drop-down list lets you choose among open windows.

      Window chooser

    To return to the start page at any time, click the Optimizely logo in the upper left corner.

    Do not use the forward and back buttons in your browser because any unsaved work may be lost; use the window chooser to navigate among windows.

  • Client chooser. A drop-down list lets you choose among clients set for your user account.

    Image: Change client

  • Profile area. To open the profile area, click Image: User icon.
  • Help. To access the contextual help in the Optimizely User Guide and see further documentation, click Image: Help icon.

Profile area

In the profile area, you can manage your user settings.

Image: Profile area

You can make the following settings and changes:

  • Click Back to Classic User Interface to switch to the classic Optimizely Campaign user interface.

    For documentation of the deprecated Optimizely Campaign user interface, see Optimizely User Guide 21-3.

  • Click Login Notifications to enable or disable login notifications, which inform you about login attempts.
  • Click Change Password to change it. An email confirmation is sent to you.
  • Click Change PIN to change it. An email confirmation is sent to you.
  • Click the displayed language to change it to German (Deutsch), English, Dutch (Nederlands), Polish (Polski) or French (Fran├žais).

    Save your work before changing the language. Unsaved changes are lost if you change the language of Optimizely Campaign.

  • Click Change time zone next to the time zone to change it. The Change Time Zone window opens.
    1. Select a region from the Region drop-down list.
    2. Select a time zone from the Time Zone drop-down list.
    3. Click Change Time Zone.

    System time

    If the time zone support is not activated in your client, the profile area shows the system time of the Optimizely data center. This corresponds to central European time (CET), which may be different from time at your location.

    For example, if you are in London (one hour behind CET) and set a dispatch time of 17:00, then Optimizely Campaign sends the message at 18:00 your time. On the other hand, if you are in Istanbul (one hour ahead of CET) and set a dispatch time of 17:00, Optimizely Campaign sends your message at 16:00 your time.

    Also, daylight savings time may vary by an additional hour compared to your time zone.

    Dates are entered in the format YYYY-MM-DD and correspond to the ISO 8601 international standard. Example: 15th May 2017 is displayed as 2017-05-15.

  • Click Logout to end your session.

    Save your work before logging out. Unsaved changes are lost when you confirm the logout.

Menu bar

The permanently visible menu bar on the left lists all available Optimizely Campaign features.

Mailings Classic and Reports are not included. You can still access Mailings Classic and Reports via the classic user interface.

  • Image: Campaigns icon Campaigns. Tools for creating campaigns, for example, in Smart Campaigns and Marketing Automation.
  • Image: Recipients icon Recipients. Manage your recipients and target groups.
  • Image: Responses icon Responses. Manage and act upon direct replies from your recipients, auto-responders, and bounces.
  • Image: Blocklist icon Blocklist. Manage recipients who no longer want to receive messages.
  • Image: Analytics icon Analytics. Access reporting tools.
  • Image: Administration icon Administration. Manage user roles and permissions, your APIs, and field functions.
  • Image: More icon More. Access custom features such as e-commerce integrations and the coupon system.
  • Image: Search icon Search. Search for features available in the menu.
  • Image: Help icon Help. Access the Optimizely User Guide and see further documentation.