Add documents to products

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You can add any number of supplemental documentation to a particular product. These could include more detailed product specifications, product safety sheets (MSDS, SDS, or PSDS), schematics, and so on. These documents are displayed on the Product Details Page as links, which, when clicked, will display in a new browser tab. Users can then choose to print or download the document. Use the Documents finger tab to add .pdfs or similar files to a product record.

To add a document to a product:

  1. Go to Admin Console > Catalog > Products > select edit next to a product.
  2. Select the Documents finger tab.
  3. Click Add Document.
  4. Name the document, and as desired, provide a Description and identify the Document Type. You can enter "PDF" or "DOC", for example.
  5. Click Browse.
  6. Select the file from the file browser, or click Upload to upload a new file.
  7. Click Choose.
  8. Use the provided drop-down menu to select the document Language.

    The document language is required for the document to display on the Product Detail Page.

  9. Click Save.

You can add documents to parent and child products. Documents added to child products will only display when the child product is selected.

Modify document display settings

For organizations with multiple documents applied to each product, it may work best to display documents in specification-like tabs rather than scrollable lists.

To display documents in tab view, consider the following website-specific Settings:

  • Display Documents in Tabs: If YES, all documents display in a tab on the product detail page, similar to those for product specifications. If NO, documents display below the product availability and pricing information.
  • Documents Tab Sort Order:If Display First is selected, the tab appears before any specifications tabs assigned to the product. If Display Last is selected, the tab appears after any specification tabs are selected.
    If Document Tab Sort Order and Attributes Tab Sort Order settings are both set to Display First, the Attributes tab displays before the Documents tab.
Display Documents in Tabs = OFF Display Documents in Tabs = ON