Integrate Microsoft 365 Office Applications with the Productivity Connecter for Microsoft

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Optimizely Content Marketing Platform (CMP) Office Online Connector lets you create, edit and review Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, and Excel documents in the CMP interface. The integration provides a one-way synchronization with OneDrive, ensuring teams can import the latest versions of assets, before pushing the latest updates (made in CMP) back to Microsoft.

Enable the integration with Microsoft 365

Microsoft requires a Business or Enterprise account for Microsoft 365 to use their functionality.  Once enabled in your account, you can connect to the Microsoft services by supplying credentials at the Microsoft login screen.

To enable the integration for your account you also need to be a CMP user with Administrative privileges. Once the service is enabled, other users can use the features.

  1. Select your avatar > Integrations. The Integration Catalog page displays.
  2. Enter office in the search box and select Microsoft Office 365. The About page for Microsoft Office 365 displays.


  3. Click Connect Now. Your users can see Microsoft services when working in Tasks.

    The Connect Now button toggles to Disconnect so you can enable or disable the integration.

After enabling the productivity connector for Microsoft 365, you have additional options when you create files, to create Microsoft Word, PowerPoint or Excel file formats. You also have other options for launching the edit experience for the same file types anywhere in CMP where editing files is allowed.  A Microsoft login prompt displays to use the service.

Create files in a task with Microsoft 365 tools

In a task, select Add Content > Creative assets and select the Microsoft option you want. The first time you do this you must log in with Microsoft.


Microsoft-formatted files have an Edit in... link to use the Microsoft editor. 

The @mention support is currently unavailable. You can use the task step assignments or task comments to alert other users.

Also, Microsoft reserves the right to add or remove features within this experience that may alter its use.

CMP helps you keep track of how your files develop. Accessing this screen will show each version of your file on the left bar, letting you go between versions and rollback to previous versions if required. See Manage asset versions.