Create pitch requests

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Pitch requests consolidate pitch-related tasks into a single location. You can view the status of requests and pitches and collaborate with internal and external writers to request, collect, refine, and assign content ideas for production. As a result, you run a more efficient pitch process that generates exceptional content.

Create a pitch request

  1. Click + on the global menu and select Pitch Request.


    The Create New Pitch Request form displays.

    You can also go to Request view > Pitch Requests tab and click Request Pitches.

  2. Fill in the form and click Create.


    • Pitch Request Title – The heading of the pitch.
    • Pitch Request Description – Short or long brief regarding the pitch where the requester describes their requirement in the article.
    • Attachments – Files relevant to the content might help the writers write the content.
    • Topic & Keywords – Set by the requester that helps the content to be found from a search.
    • Story Types – Article length and word counts.
    • Labels – Tags that describe the content format, content pillar, journey stage, and target audience of the article and so on.
    • Requested By – The name of the requester with the avatar besides.
    • Watchers – All the responsible persons who are related to the content and can look into it in the absence of the requester or need updates regarding the pitch's progress.
    • Assignees – The writers who will add the pitch and work on the article when it's approved and a task is created.
    • Pitch Status – The pitch is open until the work is done. The requester can Close it out when the pitch is ready or the task is completed.

View pitch requests

Open the Requests view and click the Pitch Requests tab to view existing pitch requests.


On the details page, you can check the Title, Description, Attachments, Topic & Keywords, Story Types, Labels, Pitch Due Date, Pitch Status, Requester, Watchers, and Assignees of the pitch.

You can review and edit your request and see pitches submitted by your writers. Assigned writers and Admins, Content Studio Editors, and Members can add their pitches to any pitch request.


When you click on a submission, you can review the pitch details, read the comments thread, and add one of your own. After assessing the information, you can choose to Approve or Decline the pitch. The pitch creator is notified if the approval status changes or if there is any other feedback.


If a pitch is accepted, you can start a Workflow that will prompt your writer to begin producing the new piece of content.


After the pitch is accepted, a new task is created for the writer. The Task page provides the author with the capabilities to produce the content and all information related to its creation, completion, and distribution.


You can check the Activity Log on the pitch. You can also Archive it.


You can download the pitch in .xlsx or .docx format. If you did not set a submission due date when you created a pitch request, you can stop receiving pitches by clicking Close Request. You also can Delete the pitch.

Edit options in pitch requests vary among user roles

The following table shows user role options for creating or viewing pitch requests.


  • Admin – Admin users have all options enabled within pitch requests. They can Create, Read, Edit, Delete, Export Pitches, and Close pitch requests.
  • Content Studio Editor – Same as above. Like the Admin user, Content Studio Editors also have the same options enabled.
  • Member – Same as above. Like the Admin users, Member users also have the same options enabled.
  • Approver – Approver users will only have the Read option enabled.
  • Contributor – Contributor users users will only have the Read option enabled.

Use custom fields with pitch requests

Use custom fields with pitch requests to ensure each pitch includes the required information.

  1. Go to your avatar> Pitch Fields.
  2. Click the Field Type field and select the field type you want.


  3. Enter a Field Label and click Add new option.


  4. Click Save Field. Each new pitch has a custom field in the submission form. The custom fields are visible only when you click Add Pitch in an already created pitch request.


Create a pitch request from Idea Lab

Idea Lab uses SEO, social, and share of voice data to provide recommendations on topics that will resonate with your audience and help drive organic traffic to your hub. You can save research in Notepad and create pitch requests directly from within Idea Lab by completing the following steps:

  1. Open Idea Lab view.
  2. Click Add to Notepad to the left of each keyword.


  3. You can select multiple keywords to add them to the Notepad.


  4. From Notepad, select the keywords, then select Start > Pitch Request.


  5. After clicking the Pitch Request, the Create a New Pitch form displays where the keywords are imported automatically.


  6. You can then enter the necessary details and create the pitch.

View pitch activity log

The Pitch Activity Log keeps track of changes made to the following activities:

  • Approve or Un-approve
  • Changes to the title of the pitch
  • Changes to the description of the pitch
  • Changes to labels and custom fields
  • Changes to attachments
  1. Go to Requests > Pitch Requests.
  2. Select a pitch request.
  3. Select a pitch from the list.
  4. Click Activity Log.