Google analytics is not displaying any information for individual pieces of content

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If you are seeing google analytics data showing up on the report but when you try and select the google analytic details on a specific piece of content id does nothing here is a quick fix.


Note - this issue is resolved in the 9.0SP2 and 9.1 product lines - however the below will work for versions 8.6.1 and above. It is however recommended that you install the latest CU for your version to take advantage of all other fixes.

Navigate to this file: [Siteroot]/workarea/seo/seo.aspx.cs  and look at(~line 368),

Change from:

criteria.DimensionFilters.AddFilter(d, DimensionFilterOperator.EqualTo, pathAndQuery);

***this line may be slightly different depending on the specific version you are using***

Change to:

criteria.DimensionFilters.AddFilter(d, DimensionFilterOperator.EqualTo, url.PathAndQuery);

Then re-test, you should now see results when you select the analytics details on individual content items.