Error in Google analytics report: Input string was not in a correct format

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If your analytic report shows the error Input string was not in a correct format , it indicates an issue with the Web provider's section in web.config or an issue with the allowed providers in your Google Analytics settings.

Get the steps at Setting Up Google Analytics to start with a blank slate when troubleshooting this type of issue. This is because of the possible case sensitivity and spacing issues that can arise. Follow the steps in the documentation with a blank analytics provider section from your web.config . Do not make any case changes to the existing text because case changes or spaces can cause the provider's section to become invalid.

If you do not have a Web providers section in your web.config , go  to C:\Program Files (x86)\Ektron\CMS400vX\CommonFiles\IIS7Web.config and locate the default web.config file. Because the analytics provider section can vary depending on version, it is important that you use the correct web.config version.

In addition to the steps in the documentation, also note the following:

  • In the SiteURL section of the provider section, be sure to include the http:\\ portion of the address (the exact URL can be found at . Click Admin in the top right, click Settings on the right side, and confirm your URL is correct.
  • To rule out issues with the encrypted gmail username and password, regenerate them. The credentials must be encrypted in order for it to function.
    C:\Program Files (x86)\Ektron\CMS400v91\Utilities\EncryptEmailPassword.exe
  • Regenerate the API key rather than use an existing one (the API key can be made at under the API Access menu item).
  • To locate your Google Analytics UserAccount go to locate your site, and copy the UA-xxxxxxxxx part. Be sure to include the UA portion of the string (for example, UA-43242303-1 ).
  • Comment out any providers sections you are not using in the web.config to avoid conflicting values.
  • On the Google Analytics Console ( ), under the Notification Endpoints setting, make it completely blank. This is to rule out the endpoint as a source of the issue.
  • ek_AutoInsertBeaconScript must be set to true in web.config if you are not inserting the Google Analytics tracking code on the page.

If you still see the issue, contact Ektron Support.