Setting Up Business Analytics

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If your site's business analytic report is not updating with new results the below steps should get you to a working state. 

The following steps will get you to a basic working setup for business analytics. 

In the web.config use the following settings:



1.) Extract this template  and add it to your site root folder. 
2.) Create a new folder and break inheritance for templates. 
3.) Add the new template to the system and make that template available to the folder you just created.
4.) Add a piece of HTML content to that folder using that template 
5.) Browse to that content using the following model: /BusinessAnalytics.aspx?ID=12345 (where 12345 is your content ID you created in step 4. Refresh the page 3 times.

You should now have records for your business analytics. Check your reports section to confirm new records for business analytics. If results show up, you only need to make a few more changes. 

A) Apply the analytics control to all pages where you want analytics tracking. You can apply the business analytics server control in the sample template to your master page and all pages using that master will inherit the control. 

B) Lastly, you will want to change change the recordsBeforeWrite and timeBeforeWrite values. These were lowered before in order to get immediate business analytics results. recordsBeforeWrites is the number of hits a page receives before it records the hits to the database. timeBeforeWrite is the number of seconds before it writes the hits to the database. In order to prevent large performance decreases you will want to increase these values.

Here's a more reasonable configuration.