Translate Spire CMS into other languages

  • Updated

Optimizely Configured Commerce allows you to translate the Admin Console and Spire CMS into other languages, including:

  • English
  • German
  • Spanish
  • Italian
  • Portuguese
  • Dutch
  • Polish
  • Greek
  • Danish
  • Finnish
  • Swedish
  • Norwegian
  • Russian
  • Hungarian
  • Czech
  • Slovak
  • Romanian
  • Bulgarian
  • Albanian
  • Macedonian
  • Catalan
  • Armenian
  • Slovene
  • Belarusian
  • Maori
  • Malay
  • Mandarin

Admin Console configuration

To change the Language Code, go to Admin ConsoleSettings System Settings or search for Admin Translation Settings.


  • Choose the language for admin pages under Language. The default value is English (enUS).
  • Choose whether to enable Debug Mode, which adds text (TS:) as a pre-fix for all Admin Console and CMS labels. The default value is No.


  • Assign which languages can be displayed in the Admin Console with Assign AC Languages. English is selected by default. Assigning multiple languages prompts Admin Console users to select a language upon sign-in. Users can change their language in the user account menu. 


Make sure to Save any changes you make to these Admin Translation Settings.