Manage lists

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As an administrator, you can manage lists in Spire. Your customers may create lists for future purchases or the products they purchase frequently.

Configure list settings

Go to the Admin Console > AdministrationSettings > Site ConfigurationsLists to configure list settings for users. You have the following options:

  • Allow Multiple ListsYes allows users to have multiple lists that can be copied or shared. No limits users to only one list which cannot be copied or shared.
  • Allow List Sharing – Yes allows users to send a copy of their list to others or to invite others to view or edit a list. This option is hidden if Allow Multiple Lists is set to No.
  • Products Per Page – This number sets how many products the list page displays. You can set the number high to avoid pagination, but large lists impact site load time.
  • Enable List Reminders –  Yes allows users to schedule a recurring reminder to order products in the list .

Share lists with multiple customers

As an administrator, You can create, manage and share lists with multiple customers to promote products or provide access to their most-purchased products. Customers see the lists, including who created and shared the list, on their My Lists page. They cannot share, edit or delete this list.

Create a list

Follow these steps to create a list to be shared with multiple customers:

  1. Log in to the Admin Console.
  2. Go to Marketing > Lists.
  3. Click +List to add a new list.
  4. Enter the list Name, Shared By and Description information.
  5. Click Save.

The list management table only shows lists that have been created in the admin console.

Add individual products to a list

  1. Select the Products tab.
  2. Click + List Product to assign products.
  3. Select a product from the Product drop-down list.
  4. Select the appropriate Unit of Measure.
  5. Enter a value in Qty Ordered.
  6. Enter a value in Sort Order for where you want the product to appear in the list.
  7. Click Save.
  8. Repeat these steps as needed.

Add multiple products to a list

  1. Click Import.
  2. Select List Products from What would you like to import?.
  3. Click Download Template. This template has columns for List, Product,Unit of Measure, Qty Ordered and Sort Order.
  4. Fill in the product information and save your spreadsheet.
  5. Click Choose File to select your import spreadsheet.
  6. Click Import.

You can find more information about Import and export data and Work with the Import Template.

Assign or unassign customers to a list

  1. Select the Customers tab.
  2. Click Assign Customers or Unassign to add or remove customers from this list.
  3. Select or search for the customer name.
  4. Click Save.

Any website user who has access to these customers can see this list on your website.

Create contract items

Contract Items are a list of predetermined products that can be added to an order as a set. You need to enable multiple lists and create the product set.

  1. Go to Admin Console > Websites.
  2. Click Edit for the website that will contain Contract Items.
  3. Click Settings.
  4. Set the Allow Multiple Lists setting to Yes.
  5. Go to Customers.
  6. Locate the customer for the Contract Item list and click Edit.
  7. Click Product Sets.
  8. Click Add Customer Product Set.
  9. Add a Name and click Save.
  10. Click Products.
  11. Click Assign Products.
  12. Select the products and click Assign.
  13. Click Done.

The selected products are now part of the product set.

Access lists as a customer

You can access lists by logging in as a website user or impersonating a user through the Admin Console. Go to My Account, and select My Lists. You can do the following:

  • Click a list's linked name to view the details page. You can also modify, copy or share the list.
  • Select one of the items shown to access the product details page.
  • Select the Shared with... or Shared by... links to manage or view sharing permissions.
  • Click Sort By to sort the lists by Last Updated, List Name: A-Z or List Name: Z-A.
  • Select Create List to create a new list.
  • Select Add List To Cart to add all items to the cart at the specified quantities. This button is grayed out if the list does not have purchasable items.
  • Click Delete List to delete the list. If the list has been shared with the user, the link changes to Leave List.

Use list actions

Action Description
Copy Copy the list's items to a new or existing list
Share Send a copy of the list to selected users to view or edit the list
Delete Delete the list. This button only appears if the user has editing permissions.
Edit Edit the list name and description. This button only appears if the user has editing permissions.
Shared with... Edit sharing permissions for the list
Add Items Search for an item by keyword or item number, enter the quantity and unit of measure (if applicable) and click Add to List. You can also Upload Items with an Excel or CSV file.
Add List to Cart Add all items in the list to the cart
Select All Select all items in the list and Add to Cart or Delete the items. You can also select individual items. These actions only apply to products on the current page.
Search bar Narrow the list results by keyword or item number. Results display matches in the product number, product title or manufacturer item fields. The search does not use the full index and does not include values such as part number.
Sort By Sort the list by Custom Sort, Product: A-Z or Product: Z-A. For Custom Sort, you can arrange the products manually. This ordering appears whenever you select this option.
Edit Sort Order Change the order of the list by entering a numeric value in the entry box and pressing Enter or dragging and dropping that item in the list.

If a product has been deactivated or discontinued, users receive a message notifying them that the product has been removed from the list. If products are unavailable due to product restrictions set on the user's active customer, a notification appears at the top and allows the user to elect whether to remove the products from the list.

Create a list

Customers can create a list from the product detail page with these steps:

  1. Browse or search for a product.
  2. Select Add to List .
  3. Create a new list.
  4. Select Add to List.

They can also go to My Account > My Lists > Create List.

The Search field does not currently support searching by Part Number.

Add list products from the Order Confirmation page

Customers can add products to the list from the Order Confirmation page by clicking Add to List. The products then appear in the list. 

Share lists

Customers can share lists for others to view or edit. If they view a list that has been shared with them, they must have editing permissions to share that list.

To see how customers share lists, follow these steps:

  1. Go to My Account > My Lists and select a list.
  2. Click Share.
  3. Select Send a copy to send a copy of the list in its current state to any valid email address. Select Allow others to view or edit this list to allow others to view or edit the list as you update it. 
  4. Click Next .
  5. If copying, enter your name, the recipient email address, and a short message. Click Send.
  6. If adding others to the list, choose whether to share the list or make the list available to all users on the billing account. Choose whether to allow editing.
  7. If sharing with all users on the billing account, select to send an email notification to users and click Finish.

    If you share a list with multiple users simultaneously, all users receive separate email notifications.

    Any new users created within a bill-to record will automatically have access to the list.

Edit sharing permissions

Read only users can only change the quantity of products to add to their cart. They cannot update the saved quantity on the shared list. List editors see an option to Update Saved QTY when they make changes to product quantities.

Action List Owner Edit Permission (Shared) Read Only Permission (Shared)
Delete List x    
Print List x x x
Copy List x x x
Share List x    
Edit List x    
Manage Sharing Permissions x    
View Sharing Details   x x
Add Items to List x x  
Delete Item x x  
Delete Items (Bulk) x x  
Add Note to Item x x  
Edit Note on Item x x  
Add Item to Cart x x x
Add Items to Cart (Bulk) x x x
Add List to Cart x x x
Edit Sort Order of Items x x  
Changes Made to Units of Measure are Saved (Opt-in) x x  
Changes Made to Quantity are Saved (Opt-in) x x  

Schedule email reminders

If you have enabled list reminders, your customers can set email reminders to order list items on a recurring basis or at regular intervals.

  1. Go to My AccountMy Lists.
  2. Click a list name.
  3. Click Schedule Email Reminder.
  4. Select Weekly or Monthly from Repeats.
  5. Enter a value in the Every field for the recurrence.
  6. Select a day on which to receive the reminder email from Day of the week/month.
  7. Change the Start Date, if needed.
  8. Select No end date or select an On date for the End Date.
  9. Enter any notes about the reminder.
  10. Click Schedule.

They can also schedule reminders when adding items to a list:

  1. Click Add to List from the product page.
  2. Select the checkbox for Schedule email reminders to reorder these items.
  3. Click Add to List.
  4. Follow the steps above to schedule a reminder.

You can learn more about the email template used for the email reminder

Stop email reminders

  1. Go to My AccountMy Lists.
  2. Select a list.
  3. Click Update Email Reminder.
  4. Click Stop Reminder.
  5. Click Yes to cancel the email reminder.