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Optimizely Configured Commerce Spire CMS lets you edit pages with widgets and customization options and control what displays on the navigation bar.

  1. Use the Compress icon to hide the page tree.
  2. Filter pages, such as a status of Unpublished.
  3. Show or hide the page tree. Hiding the page tree is helpful if you are working on a smaller screen and need more space.

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Header and Footer

The Header and Footer exist independently in the page tree and contain configurable fixed header widgets. You can add additional content by clicking Add (+). 



Predefined content

Spire CMS contains pages that come standard with Optimizely Configured Commerce. These pages are located under Home.


If the Edit function is selected, click the More Options icon (...) and select Edit Page to edit the page's summary and metadata. Click the page title to edit the widgets on the page. See the Pages section to learn more.