Integrate Shopify

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Optimizely Data Platform (ODP) Lite is a Shopify Plus Partner with a simple-to-install integration. This integration syncs the following historical and ongoing data from Shopify to ODP Lite:

  • Customer data – created, updated
  • Consent data – created, updated
    For more information on how Shopify informs marketing consent, see Import email consent from Shopify.
  • Order data – purchase, cancel, return, refund
  • Product data – created, updated
  • Website data – (No historical; only ongoing) pageviews, product page, views, add to cart, remove from cart

Enable the integration

  1. In your ODP Lite account, go to Account Settings > Integrations > Shopify.
  2. Enter your store name and click Login.
  3. Log in to Shopify.


  4. Click Install app to grant the ODP Lite app the required integration permissions.

  5. Navigate back to ODP Lite and go to Account Settings > Integrations > Shopify. Click Start Bulk Import to start your historical data import in ODP Lite. The import could take up to a few hours depending on the number of historical orders and customers that you have.

Import email consent from Shopify

Shopify syncs a true/false customer field to ODP Lite called Shopify Accepts Marketing, along with a timestamp for when this value was set. Shopify sets this field when someone selects the Keep me up to date with news and offers checkbox when checking out.

  • If the Shopify Accepts Marketing field is true, ODP sets the consent to Marketing Opted In.
  • If the Shopify Accepts Marketing field is false, ODP sets the consent to Marketing Opted Out.
    For the email identifier on the Shopify customer record.

If the timestamp on the value is before the last time consent was updated in ODP Lite, ODP Lite keeps the current consent status. For example:

  • February 22 – The customer opts in to marketing when they order. Shopify sends the Shopify Accepts Marketing = true with a current timestamp to ODP Lite, which updates the identifier's consent in ODP Lite as Marketing Opted In.
  • February 28 – The customer revokes consent after receiving an email. The Shopify Accepts Marketing value on their profile does not change, but the specific email identifier from which they revoked consent updates to Marketing Opted Out with the current timestamp.
  • March 3 – The customer logs into their Shopify account online and changes their shipping address. Shopify sends a customer update to ODP Lite with Shopify Accepts Marketing = true with a timestamp from February 22. Since that timestamp is before the customer's latest consent record, this value is ignored, and the customer consent value remains Marketing Opted Out.

ODP Lite checks the Shopify Accepts Marketing field for updates during any Shopify customer update, like an order or account change.

Filter customers in or out of ODP Lite email campaigns by adding the following AND expression to your customer segment:

  • Customers with attributes - Shopify Accepts Marketing - Is not - Trueshopify-filter.png

In addition to the Shopify Accepts Marketing value, email consent data for existing Shopify customers is synced back to the Shopify Accepts Marketing field nightly when changes occur in ODP Lite. ODP Lite does not create new Shopify customers but updates existing customers.

Only Shopify integrations installed after March 2020 follow this process.