Integrate Facebook Lead Capture

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The Facebook Lead Capture integration lets you identify and collect leads in Optimizely Data Platform (ODP) Lite generated by your brand’s Facebook ads. You can then target them with omnichannel messages that push customers further down the funnel to purchase.

This integration provides the following benefits:

  • Send subscribe leads captured in Facebook to ODP Lite lists and automatically set their marketing content statuses to opted-in.
  • Compare leads from Facebook Ads to leads from other sources and evaluate the effectiveness of your ads based on the quality of leads:
    • Are these leads more valuable than others?
    • Are they spending more with your brand?
    • Are they becoming loyal customers at higher rates?


You must have a Facebook Business marketing account to use this integration and the user who authorizes the app in ODP Lite needs to have Facebook leads access:

  1. Navigate to the the Meta business suite and make sure the relevant business page is selected in the top left.
  2. Go to Settings > Business Settings > Integrations > Leads Access.
  3. Make sure the person authorizing is added under People.

Enable the integration in ODP

  1. Go to the App Directory.
  2. Select the Facebook Lead Capture app.
  3. Click Install App.
  4. On the Settings tab, click Connect to Page(s) and log into your Facebook account. Follow the prompts to authorize the connection between your Facebook Business and ODP Lite accounts. If you have multiple Facebook pages, select the one you want to synchronize with ODP Lite.

  5. To verify the authorization was successful, check that your Facebook page displays under Authorization > Connected Pages. This app does not import historical data; ODP Lite collects leads captured in Facebook starting after authorization.

Add CRM in Meta business suite

Once you authorize the app, add ODP Lite's Facebook Lead Capture app as a CRM in the Meta business suite:

  1. Navigate to the Meta business suite and make sure the relevant business page is selected in the top left.
  2. Go to Settings > Business Settings > Integrations > Leads Access > CRMs.
  3. Click Assign CRM and select Optimizely Lead Capture.

Complete app settings in ODP Lite

  1. Go to App Directory > Facebook Lead Capture > Settings.
  2. Expand the Lead Forms section, expand the Configure Lead Form drop-down list, and select a form you use for lead capturing in Facebook.
  3. After you select a form, the integration automatically detects standard contact information, such as name, email address, and phone number, to map to the corresponding ODP Lite customer fields.

  4. If your lead form includes custom questions that are not auto-detected by ODP Lite and you want to store those values on the ODP Lite customer profile, you need to configure your fields in the Lead Form section of this app. In the following example, the Facebook question Zip code is mapped to the ODP Lite field Zip. After selecting the customer field, click Done to complete the configuration.


  5. Select a target list from the List Subscription drop-down list for each lead form. ODP Lite automatically captures the submission of a Facebook form as an opt-in to marketing communications. ODP Lite does not select a list by default.

Best practices

  • Capture your customers' email addresses and phone numbers to have more impactful lead form submissions.
  • Update your connection if you make any changes to your lead capture forms in your Facebook accounts, like updating the fields captured. Go to App Directory > Facebook Lead Capture > Settings > Lead Forms and click Reload from Facebook.


Data captured in ODP Lite

When a new lead is submitted, ODP Lite does the following:

  • Creates or updates a customer profile with the fields mapped from the lead form questions. At a minimum, this contains email and/or phone.
  • Opts in each of the submitted identifiers (email and/or phone).
    • event_type = consent
    • action = opt-in
    • event_email or event_phone = Submitted email or phone (one event per identifier)
    • value = Raw submission as a JSON-encoded object
    • ts = Timestamp of the submission
    • consent_update_reason = Facebook Lead Form: <Form Name>
    • Subscribes the customer to the configured list (if selected).
    • event_type = list
    • action = subscribe
    • list_id = Configured list
    • value = Raw submission as a JSON-encoded object
    • ts = Timestamp of the submission
  • Provide data source information:
    • data_source_type = app
    • data_source = facebook_lead_capture
    • data_source_version = Installed app version
    • data_source_details = Facebook lead form name
    • data_source_instance = Facebook page name