Storefront lists

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Optimizely Configured Commerce Spire CMS website lets you create lists and interact with them, such as adding tags, hiding or unhiding lists, favoriting lists, and printing barcodes.


Choose buttons such as Favorite (star icon), Add TagsShare, and Add List to Cart. Select More (...) to Edit list details or Delete the list. You can also Copy, Print, Schedule Reminders, and Hide List.


Available on the List Details page, My Lists page, and Recent Lists widget, you can favorite lists and then filter lists by their favorites. Click the Star icon to favorite a list.


Available on the My Lists page and Recent Lists widget, you can add tags to lists to group similar lists and search for lists using specific tags. Hovering over the Tag icon by a list displays the associated tags.

Add Tags.png

Follow these steps to add tags:

  1. Click Add Tags.
  2. Enter the name of the tag and press Enter.
  3. Click Save.


Click Share and select an option to send a copy of the list or let others view or edit it. Enter the sender's name, the recipient's email address, and an optional message about the request.


Select More (...) > Copy to copy items to a list.



Print a list of products showing the unit of measurement and quantity, or print a label sheet with QR codes or barcodes.

  1. Select More (...) > Print. The print modal displays.


  2. Select Print to print the standard list of products. This is the default option.
  3. Select Layout > Printable Label (2-column or 3-column) to print a label sheet.
  4. Select QR Code1-Dimensional, or None for Barcode Type.
  5. Use the Barcode Data drop-down list to select the data for the barcode. The options are URL, Property - Part Number, Property - My Part Number, and Property - Manufacturer Number. This drop-down list is disabled if None was selected for the Barcode Type
  6. Select Product Properties to Print.
  7. Click Print. A message displays that the user will receive an email with the PDF once it has been processed.

Schedule reminder

Schedule reminders to reorder products. You can choose Weekly or Monthly and set intervals, start dates, end dates, and notes.



Hide and unhide lists on the My Lists page. Clicking Hide List on the My Lists page or List Details page marks a list as hidden. Go to My ListsHidden to view the list. Click Unhide List on the Hidden view or the List Details page to unhide the list.

Replace or delete discontinued products

Replace or delete discontinued products on their list. If a product is marked as discontinued and is out of inventory in all warehouses, a Product Discontinued label displays. Click View Replacement Product (if available) to see the product and decide whether to replace it. Click Delete to remove the product from the list.