Get started with Spire CMS pages

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Pages are a way to organize and display information to your customers. Optimizely Configured Commerce sites include multiple web pages, which are named for their purpose and function. For example, the Product List page displays a list of products for sale on your site within a given category. You can use widgets to display text, images, lists or other information that belongs on each specific page. You can also create new pages, such as landing pages, FAQ's, or other pages that are not already made in Configured Commerce. These pages appear in the Page Tree, and you can determine where they fit in the navigation.

Standard web pages

Configured Commerce contains the following standard web pages:

  • AboutUs
  • AccountSettingsPage
  • AddressesPage
  • BrandsPage
  • BrandDetailsPage
  • BudgetManagementPage
  • CartPage
  • CartReminderUnsubscribePage
  • CategoryDetailsPage
  • CategoryListPage
  • ChangeCustomerPage
  • ChangePasswordPage
  • CheckoutReviewAndSubmitPage
  • CheckoutShippingPage
  • CompactHeader
  • ContactUs
  • CreateAccountPage
  • DealerDetailsPage
  • ExpiredAccountActivationLinkPage
  • ExpiredResetPasswordLinkPage
  • Footer
  • Header
  • HomePage
  • InvoiceHistoryPage
  • InvoiceDetailsPage
  • LocationFinderPage
  • MaintenancePage
  • MyAccountPage
  • MyListsPage
  • MyListsDetailsPage
  • NotFoundErrorPage
  • OrderApprovalDetailsPage
  • OrderApprovalListPage
  • OrderConfirmationPage
  • OrderHistoryPage
  • OrderDetailsPage
  • OrderStatusPage
  • OrderUploadPage
  • ProductComparePage
  • ProductDetailsPage
  • ProductListPage
  • QuickOrderPage
  • RequestRmaPage
  • RequisitionConfirmationPage
  • RequisitionsPage
  • ResetPasswordPage
  • RfqConfirmationPage
  • RfqJobQuoteDetailsPage
  • RfqJobQuotesPage
  • RfqMyQuotesPage
  • RfqQuoteDetailsPage
  • RfqRequestQuotePage
  • RobotsTxtPage
  • SavedOrderDetailsPage
  • SavedOrderListPage
  • SavedPaymentsPage
  • SignInPage
  • StaticListPage
  • UnhandledErrorModal
  • UnhandledErrorPage
  • UserListPage
  • UserSetupPage

You can add additional static web pages for more content.

Although some of these items (such as the header and footer) are not technically a web page, Configured Commerce allows you to edit them as separate units of the website.

The example below shows the Cart page between the header and footer:


The site's header and footer display on all pages within your site and provide customers with a familiar and navigable site.