Add a page

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You can create new pages in Spire, such as landing pages, FAQ's or other pages that are not standard in Configured Commerce. During page creation, you determine how the page appears in the navigation. 

Because certain page URLs are restricted, you may be prevented from using certain words or phrases when creating a page. For example, you cannot create a page called "APIs." 

You can add content pages by choosing a page type for your content: NewsListPage and Page.

  • NewsListPage – News pages that automatically appear with Read More links on the page.
  • Page – A generic page where you can create content landing pages.

Use these steps to add a page:

  1. Click the Edit icon.
  2. Select a page from the Pages panel.
  3. Click the More Options icon.
  4. Select Add Page.
  5. Enter a Display Name. This is the name that shows for you and your end users in the menu.
  6. Select a page type. The page pre-populates with standard widgets.
  7. Select a page template to use.
  8. Click Create Page.

Each page provides you with the necessary widgets and layouts to function. However, you may want to customize each page based on your company preferences, branding or additional information you want to convey.