Add campaign series exits

  • Updated
If you had access to campaigns prior to April 2023, Optimizely updated the tab name from Campaigns to Activation. All functionality remains the same.

You can use a series of messages to move customers toward a specific goal such as a purchase, sign-up, or reengagement. You should stop sending messages once the customer meets the goal, especially if there are more substantial discounts.

Add an exit

An exit removes a customer from a campaign when they are no longer reachable (such as unsubscribed), no longer meet the campaign criteria, or have reached a specific exit goal. These goals can be anything that you define with a filter.

You can only add an exit when you have multiple touchpoints. If you want to measure the performance of a single touchpoint campaign against a specific goal, customize your attribution settings instead.

  1. Go to Activation > Engage.
  2. Select the campaign that requires an exit.
  3. Click Add a touchpoint.
  4. Expand Exit Rules.
  5. Enable Customers who match a filter and select a filter.
  6. Click Save.