Introduction to the Basics

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This section describes the basics of Optimizely Campaign to get started.

  • Getting started. Learn more about Optimizely Campaign and create a campaign.
  • Logging in. Work with the Optimizely Campaign user interface, including logging in and out.
  • User management. Set up user accounts and permissions.
  • Roles. Create permission profiles.
  • Clients. Layout of the Optimizely Campaign working environment.
  • Deliverability basics. Information and best practices for a successful deliverability of emails.
  • Exclusive IP addresses. Information on dedicated IP addresses.
  • ISO 27001 certification. Gives you the guarantee that Optimizely's safety management for operation, service and development of email marketing platform complies with internationally recognized standards regarding data and information security.
  • Service description. Overview of standard functions and upgrade options.