Introduction to Optimizely Campaign

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The Optimizely Digital Experience Platform contains many features to support you in your daily work. Depending on how your solution is set up, some features described in this documentation may not be available to you. Contact your system administrator to find out more. See Optimizely World for technical information.

Optimizely Campaign is a professional omnichannel marketing software solution that creates, sends, and evaluates campaign mailings.

Image: Optimizely Campaign start page

See Getting started to learn how to set up Optimizely Campaign and create a campaign.

Managing multi-channel campaigns

Optimizely Campaign offers an easy and powerful editor to create one-shot mailing campaigns and complex marketing automations for multiple channels.

  • Create and edit campaigns on a graphic desktop, and access the campaign elements from the tool list.
  • Use Smart Campaigns to send out one-shot-campaigns, such as an event invitation or special Christmas offers.
  • Use Marketing Automation to develop multi-step campaigns with action- and event-based mailings that are perfectly adapted to a highly diverse set of target groups using automated distribution cycles.
  • Create transactional mails that are sent automatically as a result of actions or events, such as a birthday or a canceled product purchase.
  • Use send time optimization to send messages to each individual at a time that matches the rhythms of their life.
  • Send messages in various channels such as print, Mobile Push, Web Push and SMS.

Creating and editing content

Optimizely Campaign's Template Kit provides a flexible way to create newsletters. You can use it out-of-the box and with your corporate design style guide.

  • Turn your company's design specifications directly into mailings with no special knowledge of graphic design or composition.
  • Add different types of content paragraphs to your newsletter and fill them with content.
  • Assign each element to a target group and decide which content target groups see.
  • Optimize your templates for mobile devices.
  • Use custom field functions to replace or personalize content.
  • Add special features to your mailings such as coupon codes or a countdown timer.

Managing recipients

Optimizely Campaign lets you manage recipients, unsubscribers, bounces and blocklist entries in a clear and comfortable way. Create target groups by combining logic operators, set up an opt-in process and create custom click profiles.

  • Import an existing recipient list via a CSV file or add recipients manually.
  • Import an existing blocklist via a CSV file or add recipients to a blocklist manually.
  • Define target groups using various conditions and combine them using the logic operators AND / OR.
  • Customize opt-in processes for your newsletter dispatch, such as a double opt-in registration, individually.
  • Use link tracking to create click profiles to measure the performance of campaigns and to address your recipients optimally.

Analyzing campaigns

Optimizely Campaign’s analysis tools let you gather statistics around your running campaigns or check and optimize mailings before you start them.

  • The Performance Dashboard (Beta) lets you display KPIs using various charts for visually appealing presentations of your mailing activities.
  • Deep Analytics lets you combine various measures and groupings to create cross-client analyses.
  • Create reports with mailings' most important statistics.
  • Live Analytics lets you create RFM analyses in real time.
  • The Deliverability preview lets you check your mailing before dispatch, whether the contents are displayed correctly, and whether your mailing has been classified as spam by the most common email providers.
  • Use the post-click tracking integration to analyze actions by email recipients on your website.
  • Use visual link analysis to see how often each link in a mailing is clicked.
  • Test the usability of your mailings before sending them out by using the visual attention analysis.
  • See all mailings for a defined period in the activity overview and evaluate marketing activities.

Integrating Optimizely Campaign into your marketing software

Optimizely Campaign seamlessly integrates all major web analytics, e-commerce and CRM systems. You can use programming interfaces (APIs) and extend Optimizely Campaign with various additional functions.

  • Optimizely Campaign integrates commonly available web analytics tools such as Adobe Analytics, Google Analytics, Webtrekk, econda, etracker or intelliAD.
  • The Optimizely Campaign CRM integrations let you manage campaigns and transactional mails directly from your CRM system, such as Microsoft Dynamics, SAP or Salesforce.
  • E-commerce integration lets your Optimizely Campaign client connect to your web shop and product management system such as Magento, OXID or Shopware.
  • Use REST, SOAP, HTTP or SMTP API to automate your marketing activities.
  • Use webhooks to get real-time event data on your mailings and integrate the data with your marketing software.