Logging in and out

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This topic describes how to activate your user account, log in to Optimizely Campaign, reset password and PIN, and log out.

Activating the user account

Before your first login, activate your account by referencing two emails from Optimizely: an activation email containing your personal activation key and a second confirmation email.

  1. Open the activation email and click Activate user account.
  2. Enter the activation key provided in the second email, then click Continue.
  3. Complete the fields and click Continue.
  4. Create a password and a PIN and click Save.

    After you complete the entries, you receive another email asking you to confirm your activation.

  5. In that email, click Confirm activation.

    You can now log into Optimizely Campaign at http://www.campaign.episerver.net/.

Logging in

Use the login screen to verify your identity and prevent malware intrusion.

  1. Go to www.campaign.episerver.net.
  2. Enter your user name and password.
  3. Into the row labeled PIN, enter digits of your PIN in the open positions by clicking numbers on the onscreen keyboard.

    The virtual keyboard's numbers are in random order.

    For example, if your PIN is 123456 and the login screen appears as below, enter 1 into the first position (from the left) and 3 into the third position. Notice that positions 2 and 4-6 are filled with black dots, indicating you do not need to enter those characters.

    Image: Log in

  4. Click Log In.

If your browser or the network from which you are accessing Optimizely Campaign does not support SSL, contact customer support.

If you forget your user name, contact the person at your company from whom you received your login data or Optimizely customer support.

Resetting password and PIN

If you forget your password or PIN:

  1. Click the Forgot Password or PIN link.

    Image: Forgot Password or PIN

  2. In the Reset Password and PIN dialog box, enter your user name.

    Image: Enter user name

  3. Under CAPTCHA, enter the four digits using the virtual keyword.
  4. Click Submit. Optimizely Campaign sends an reset password email to the email address associated with the user name.
  5. Go to the inbox of your email account and open the email from Optimizely Campaign.

    For security reasons, you will not get an error message if Optimizely Campaign could not send the reset password email (for example, if the user name does not exist). Contact customer support if the email does not reach you.

  6. In the email, click the Reset password link.
  7. In the Optimizely Campaign Reset Password and Pin dialog box, enter a new password and confirm it in the Repeat New password field.

    The password must have at least eight characters and must contain either a number or a special character (&, @, $, §,...).

  8. Click Next.
  9. In the Reset Password and Pin dialog box, enter the digits of your current or new PIN in the blank fields using the virtual keyboard, and confirm it in the fields below.
  10. Click Submit.
    If the entered passwords match and fulfill the requirements, you will receive a confirmation message. Return to the login screen and enter your user name and the new password.

Logging out

End each session by clicking Logout to prevent third parties from accessing the system.

Selecting a default client

Context: Each user can select a client that is immediately loaded after they log in. This is helpful for anyone who can access multiple clients but mostly works with one of them.

Prerequisites: You are logged in to Optimizely Campaign.

  1. In the top right of the window, click on the avatar icon.
  2. Click on Default Client.
    → The page Default Client is displayed.
  3. In the drop-down list, select a client.
  4. Click Save.
    → The selected client will be loaded the next time you log in.