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A client is the working environment of Optimizely Campaign; a stand-alone and closed system that organizes your mailings. You can use one or more clients.

Client hierarchy

When using multiple clients, you can assign each to a different tier or organize them hierarchically.

Coordinated clients

If you set up multiple clients on a single tier, you should create a main client for rights management purposes. This setup lets you centrally control user access rights to clients.

Image: Coordinated client structure

Subordinated clients

You can organize clients hierarchically. Each client inherits access rights and any blocklist from its parent clients.

Image: Hierarchical client structure

Single versus multiple clients

Each user has client-wide permissions, which enable the user to view and edit the client's mailings and recipient lists.

If you publish several newsletters and different editors work on them, create different clients so that editors can only change content for which they are responsible.

The following tables list the advantages and disadvantages of working with single versus multiple clients.


Theme Single client Multiple clients
User If you manage several brands in a single client, a user working on one brand can access mailings for other brands within the client. If you manage each brand in a different client, users working on a brand only see its mailings.
User rights Apply to entire client. Depending on the scenario, you can allow or prevent access to recipient lists or mailings. Inherited by sub-clients. To define user rights separately for each user, contact customer support.


Theme Single client Multiple clients
Recipient lists You can send different newsletters using different recipient lists. For example, a recipient list can represent a brand, country, or business unit. The possibilities increase accordingly with multiple clients.
Blocklists Blocklist entries apply to an entire client. This functionality cannot be changed. Blocklist entries are inherited by, and apply to, sub-clients. This functionality cannot be changed.
Subscription cancellations Subscription cancellations apply to the entire client. To adjust this functionality so that cancellations only apply to the recipient lists concerned, contact customer support. Cancellations generally apply to individual clients.
Bounces Recipients that exceed the bounce limit are removed from future sending attempts for the entire client. This functionality cannot be changed. Also applies if multiple clients are in use.


Theme Single client Multiple clients
Sending domain You can use only one sending domain in a client by default (for example, To modify this functionality to use many sending domains (with a tracking domain), contact customer support. Each client can use its own domain with a respective tracking domain.
Tracking domain In principle, you can only use one tracking domain per client. This functionality cannot be changed. You can use an additional tracking domain for each additional client.


Theme Single client Multiple clients
Field functions Field functions can be used by default. Field functions can be inherited by sub-clients by default. To adapt each field function separately, contact customer support.
Deep Analytics You can create reports from within a client. You can create reports from within a master client for sub-clients.

Client setup

The client setup includes the following tasks and topics:

  • Recipient lists
  • Users
  • Templates
  • Field functions
  • Report templates
  • Bounce handling
  • Dispatch domain
  • Opt-in processes
  • Unsubscribe link
  • Web forms
  • API access
  • Post-click tracking
  • ...customizations and add-ons

For each new client, Optimizely runs a mandatory, random check of recipient records. The dispatch is only enabled after this check, but you can use other client functions before the check is finished.

Setting up sub-clients and additional clients

If you have a Optimizely Campaign client and want to set up another client (or sub-client), contact customer support to discuss which settings can be inherited or copied from the existing client to speed up the process.