Spire CMS microsites

  • Updated

Spire supports multi-site capabilities on a single instance of the Optimizely Configured Commerce Platform. You can continue to build out different site experiences with different URL structures. Optimizely has evaluated search engine optimization (SEO), site performance impacts and common industry trends/practices to determine the best way for Spire to handle microsites.

Microsite changes in Spire

  • Optimizely supports the microsite URL structure of microsite1.domain.com and microsite2.domain.com. We do not support the microsite URL structure of domain.com/microsite1 and domain.com/microsite2. The domain.com/microsite impacts performance from delineating between a separate site and a subdirectory on the existing site. It also makes the user experience more difficult. 
  • Spire handles content inheritance differently. You can define shared content widgets, which Spire manages in a single place. You can place them on any page for any site. Edits you make to the global widget effect any page with that widget.
  • If you have a site with multiple languages, you can define a separate URL for the home page in that language (such as domain.com/fr_homepage/) to have unique pages for a language to get indexed for SEO purposes.