Filter pages

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The Spire CMS Editor allows you to filter pages by various parameters. Optimizely Configured Commerce will filter the pages by the parameters you select.

  1. To filter the page list, click on the search box under Pages in the upper left hand corner of the CMS Editor.

  2. Type or click the parameter name and text you would like to search by.

To search a parameter manually, type the name of the attribute followed by a colon (:). Spire CMS supports filtering by multiple parameters, which you can remove by clicking the "X" next to the parameter after it is added.

The table below lists parameter types by which Spire CMS can filter. For more information on managing pages in the CMS, see Managing pages in Spire.

Filter Returns Example of Use
Language Pages assigned a configured language Filtering pages configured for American English
Customer Segment

Pages applicable to a selected customer segment

Filtering pages applicable to signed-in customers
Device Type Pages designed for the selected device type Filtering pages designed for a desktop screen
Page Status Pages of a given status Filtering unpublished pages
Tag Pages with selected CMS tags Filtering pages with a specific CMS tag