Create and edit email templates

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While the implementation of Optimizely Configured Commerce creates email template, you may need to create a new email template or edit an existing template later. Configured Commerce has two types of emails: auto-generated and subscription-based. The system sends auto-generated emails to appropriate users based on the event, such as Admin_AccoutActivation, OrderApproval, and OrderConfirmation. Subscription based emails require an associated email list, and only users on the list receive them. Refer to the Email Subscriptions article for more information.

The Default Email Address setting under Administration > Settings is used as the "From" address when emails do not have a defined "from" address in Marketing > Email Lists.

Create an email template

By default, Configured Commerce only shows email templates in the Email Template list after an event triggers them on the website. For example, the OrderConfirmation template would only display after the first order has been submitted. Implementation may also expose some templates from testing. However, as a website administrator, you can manually generate any missing email templates.

DotLiquid renders the views of all email templates. You must delete or rename any email templates from a previous version of Configured Commerce (4.2 and prior) to use DotLiquid instead of Razor. You can use the newly generated DotLiquid template as a guide to correctly format other templates.

Manually generate an email template

  1. Go to Admin Console > Marketing > Communications > Email Templates.
  2. Click Add Email Template.
  3. Select the desired Template and Website.
  4. Click Create.

If you selected New Template, the New Template screen displays. Enter the template Name, Description, and Website. Click Save. Follow the steps below starting at Step 3 to edit the email template.

Edit an email template

  1. Go to Admin Console > Marketing > Email Templates.
  2. Click the Edit icon for the desired template.
  3. Click Create Revision to edit the HTML. Do not modify the variables in the HTML code. Refer to the HTML Variables for Email Templates article for more information.
  4. Click Save after making your changes.
  5. Click Publish.
  6. Choose when the content should be published, and then click Publish again.

Create an email list and assign subscribers

You may need to create an email list if your new template is for email subscribers.

  1. Go to Admin Console > Marketing > Email Lists.
  2. Click Add Email List.
  3. Add the NameDescriptionEmail Template, Subject, and From Address.
  4. Click Save. Once saved, the Manage Subscribers tab displays. Only the Name field is required to save the list.
  5. Click Assign Email Subscribers to add desired emails to the list. This list populates from users who click the Subscribe button found under MyAccount > Account Settings.
  6. Select the Email Addresses to add to the subscription.
  7. Click Assign and click Done.