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In roadmap communications, Order Management is referred to as the CSR Portal.

This topic describes how to find customers, and view and update customer information on the Order Management page.

Find customers

  1. From the Order Management page, click View Customer.


  2. In the View customer field, enter any portion of the customer’s name or email address. As you enter more characters, you get fewer search results. A list of customers whose name or email address include those characters displays.


  3. Choose a customer. The Contact Details page for that customer displays.


  4. Click Edit (icon) to modify the customer details.


Modify customer information from a cart or order

You can view and update basic customer information from Cart Details > Contact Details tab. Click Edit beside Customer Information.


The Contact Details page displays with three tabs: Personal Information, Address Book, and Orders.

Personal Information tab

You can edit the customer's name, email address, and customer group.


Address Book tab

Initially, you see all of a customer's addresses.


You can edit or delete an existing address, or enter a new one. You may designate one address as the preferred billing address, and the same or a different one as the preferred shipping address.

Order History tab

The Order History tab shows a customer's order history in reverse chronological order.


You can click any order to see and edits its details. See Orders.

Carts tab

The Carts tab shows a customer's cart and wish lists ordered by the Last Modified date in reverse chronological order.


Modify customer information from Contacts

To modify customer information from the Administration tab, on the Cart Details or Order Details window, click the customer's name below Customer Information. The Contacts page displays with Details, Addresses, and Contact Notes tabs. For more information on these tabs, see Contacts.