Order and cart workflow

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In roadmap communications, Order Management is referred to as the CSR Portal.

Order management is a key part of Optimizely Customized Commerce. Customers create the majority of orders and the ordering process is usually automated, following an order management workflow. If you need to manually manage an order, you can use the Order Management page. Here is the difference between a cart and an order.

  • Cart – A collection of products that are selected by a website customer. (A cart is also known as a shopping cart or basket.)
  • Order – After the buyer completes payment, the cart is converted to purchase order. The order is processed by the seller, who completes the order, arranges shipment, and delivers the product.

The following image shows the structure of order components.

  • A cart or an order can contain one or more order forms.
    • In most business-to-customer (B2C) sites, there is only one form per cart or order.
    • In business-to-business (B2B) sites, you can have multiple forms where a buyer places an order for different sections of an organization. Each section has its own form, with separate details.
  • Each order form can have one or more shipments.
  • Each shipment is made up of one or more line items.