Order management

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In roadmap communications, Order Management is referred to as the CSR Portal.

Administrator groups and users assigned the Customer Service Representative (CSR) role can use the Order Management page to perform customer-centric tasks on specific shopping carts and purchase orders such as:

  • Add or remove line items
  • Update quantities
  • Update customer information
  • Work with subscriptions

Only administrators groups or users assigned the Customer Service Representatives role see this page. See User Roles to learn more.

As businesses typically have many CSRs that need to access and update carts and orders, CSRs can use the Order Management page to fulfil these tasks without the need to learn an entire content management or commerce system. The simplified interface lets CSRs focus on resolving customer needs.

To access the Order Management page, click Order Management in the menu.


Click Columns to choose which columns display in the order management table.

Column Customization.png

From the Order Management page, you can complete the following actions: