Reuse content

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Use Shared Content widgets to create a piece of reusable content, like a promo banner, then easily add it to multiple pages as you edit them. Shared Content widgets provide a central location to edit widgets used across a site, allowing you to make updates in a single place.

Access the Shared Content management area

To work with reusable content, navigate to Spire CMS. Ensure you have editor privileges before you begin.

  1. Log in to Spire CMS. 
  2. Click the Shared Content tab in the upper-left column to view the Shared Content management area.


Here you can add and edit new reusable content, browse existing content and search existing Shared Content widgets by name or tags.

Create Shared Content widgets

Create new reusable content in the Shared Content management area.

  1. Click Shared Content in the upper-left column of Spire CMS.
  2. Click Add Content.
  3. Enter a unique name for your Shared Content widget and any relevant tags. Tags work the same as on pages in Spire CMS.
  4. Click Save. Your new widget appears on the list of Shared Content widgets and you will see the add a widget icon in the stage area of the CMS.
  5. Click the add a widget icon to open the Add Widget window.
  6. Select and configure the desired widget. You can add multiple widgets as reusable content by adding a row widget, then adding widgets within it.
  7. Click Save. The widget appears in the stage area and its options are available in the editing area on the left. You can provide content by language, segment or device type for shared widgets, too. 

You must publish widgets for them to appear on your sites. Clicking Save does not publish widgets.

Publish Shared Content widgets

Publish widgets individually or in bulk from the Shared Content management area.

  1. Click Publish. A window appears with all widgets and contexts available to publish.
  2. Select or clear widgets as needed. All widgets show selected by default.
  3. Determine your publication timeline. The default selection is Publish Immediately, but you can choose a future date and time for publication. You also have the option to rollback publication of the selected widget(s).
  4. Click Publish.

Add Shared Content widgets to pages

Add existing reusable content to pages in the CMS.

  1. Navigate to the page where you will add the widget.
  2. Click the add a widget icon to open the Add Widget window.
  3. Click the Shared Content
  4. Select the desired widget. Search for existing widgets by name or tag.
  5. Click Add. The widget appears in the stage area.
  6. Drag and drop the Shared Content widget to rearrange it on the page.

Manage Shared Content widgets

Edit, copy or delete existing reusable content in the Shared Content management area or on a page. Widgets in the Shared Content tab have an overflow menu with three options:

  • Click Edit to open the widget options in the left-hand menu of the page
  • Click Copy to create a copy of the widget. You must enter a new name for the widget. By default, the title of the copied widget passes to the new widget with a number appended to the page title.
  • Click Delete to open a window that lists all the sites where the widget appears. Clicking any of the sites in the list opens a new tab. Clicking Delete permanently removes the content from the Shared Content area and from all sites where it appears.

Edit or remove reusable content on a page using these options:

  • Click the edit icon on the widget to open the Edit Shared Content window. Editing reusable content affects all published instances of the widget.
    • Click Edit Content to open the widget in the stage of the Shared Content editing area.
    • Click Copy & Edit to duplicate and edit a copy of the Shared Content widget. A prompt appears to name the copied widget, then the new widget opens in the stage of the Shared Content editing area. Changes in the copied widget do not affect the original widget.
  • Click the delete icon on the widget to remove the widget from the page.