Set up Amazon S3 (AWS) in Spire CMS

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These settings are only configurable if you are on version 5.2.2312 or prior.

You can configure Optimizely Configured Commerce to use Amazon S3 to store product images and documents. The Admin Console will not change visually, and adding content like images is the same process using the media library.

When using the Amazon S3 Storage Provider, do not use spaces in your filenames. If a file has a space in its name, the /userfiles path has spaces encoded as %20. However, Chrome (and other browsers) requests a plus (+) sign instead of %20 if the URL is not encoded first. The /userfiles controller does not take this into account and causes a 404 error. 

To use Amazon S3 in Configured Commerce, you must have the following prerequisites:

  • An active Amazon S3 Account
  • Your Amazon S3 Access Key
  • Your Amazon S3 Secret Key
  • The name of the Amazon S3 bucket for your content

Set the following application settings to use Amazon S3 as your file store location. These settings display if you have not set your storage provider in the appSetting file of your project. If you have set your storage provider, these settings are grayed out, and some data may appear blank or masked by field based on its sensitivity.

Setting Name


Storage Provider

Select AmazonS3 to see the settings listed below.

Access Key

This is an alphanumeric string that uniquely identifies who owns an account, similar to a username.

Bucket Name

This is the name of the bucket that will hold your content (set up through Amazon S3).

Secret Key

This is a password paired with the Access Key to securely confirm the user's identity

Custom Domain



The region for Amazon S3. Default value: us-east-1.