Issues with Using Localhost as an Endpoint Address when Connecting to DXH

  • Updated

You experience connectivity issues with DXH when using localhost as part of the endpoint address referenced in the siteroot/web.config file. Using localhost is not recommended approach when creating a connection to DXH. Ektron functionality is locked to localhost for security reasons, which may interfere with communication between DXH and Ektron.

To avoid issues connecting to DXH, change localhost to the machine name where DXH is installed. For example, if DXH is installed to MachineName1, the endpoint address would be net.tcp:// MachineName1:808/ContextBus/EktronConnector/tcpEktronFormService.

Below is an example of what the connection should look like:

<endpoint name="NetTcpBinding_IEktronFormService" address="net.tcp:// MachineName1:808/EktronConnector/tcp/EktronFormService" binding="netTcpBinding" bindingConfiguration="ContextBusNetTcpBinding" contract="IEktronFormService"/>

In addition, make sure that port 808 is not assigned to another application, as DxH uses that port to communicate. If another application is using port 808 and it cannot be reassigned, edit the port number bound to the DxHconnectionURL then change the port in the endpoint address.

For more information on how to set up DXH click here.