DXH SharePoint Item Selection

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This article describes a known issue with selecting SharePoint items in release 8.6 SP1, and provides a workaround solution. The problem only occurs when you are importing SharePoint content using the item selection method, and you select more than onelist or library from which to select items.

  1. After setting up DxH and a SharePoint connector, navigate to a Workarea folder and add SharePoint content.
  2. Select Items from SharePoint® Lists or Libraries.
  3. Select any list or library.
  4. From the top right grid, select the first item in the list. It appears in the grid below.
  5. Select additional lists/libraries and items from the top right grid.
  6. At some point, the top item in the top right grid may be automatically selected. This is incorrect behavior.
  7. If you check the incorrectly selected item, it removes the item you added to the lower right grid in Step 4. 

After choosing Items from SharePoint® Lists or Libraries, select a list or library, items from it, then click Add SharePoint content. If you need to select items from another list or library, return to the View Contents of Folder screen, and select New > Add Sharepoint Content > Items from SharePoint® Lists or Libraries again.