Explanation on where data stored when using DXH

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The purpose of this article is to help provide a better understanding of where different data is stored when using DXH. This can be useful when one is troubleshooting DXH issues such as missing connectors or issues with mapped content. 

Data that is stored in the DXH Database:

  • Connections - This includes the inbound connectors as well as SharePoint and other Enterprise Application connections
  • Adapters - These are the available connectors that can be configured in the DxHConnections settings section of the workarea
  • Workflows - These are the unique IDs that are generated between the Enterprise Application and Ektron such as the inbound connector, Connection Type, Content Id, Language ID, and Event.


Data that is stored in the CMS Database:

  • DxHMappings - this contains the mapping of content items between the Enterprise Application and Ektron. This include the Inbound and the application connector data as well as the unique ID created by the workflow processes
  • DxHCmsMapping - This contains the DXH mapping ID and the association of the Id with the Ektron Content such as Content  ID and language ID