DXH Version History

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There are multiple versions of the Digital Experience Hub (DXH). This article covers DXH version-related information.

Find upgrade and installation information for each version in the documentation .

Here are the DXH versions that match up with Ektron CMS versions.

Ektron versions: 8.60 and 8.60SP1 (Shipped with product)
DXH version: 1.0

Ektron version: 8.61
DXH version: 1.1

Ektron version: 8.70
DXH version: 1.2

Ektron version: 9.00
DXH version: 2.0

Ektron version: 9.10
DXH version: 2.1

You can determine the currently installed DXH version from the properties of ContextBus.dll , as seen in the image below. DXH updates are applied manually, so the version information can be seen in the same files