dxhTargetingRules.config Backup Available after 8.6 SP1 Upgrade

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The Ektron CMS root folder has a file,dxhTargetingRules.config, that defines connectors for the Targeted Content widget. Because CMS 8.6 did not support HubSpot, no HubSpot information is included in that file. Version 8.6 SP1 supports HubSpot, so the 8.6 SP1 version of the config file includes HubSpot information.

If you installed 8.6 and edited dxhTargetingRules.config, when you upgrade to 8.6 SP1, Ektron creates abackup of the file (named dxhTargetingRules_backup.config) in the CMS root folder. Copy any customizations from the backup to the revised dxhTargetingRules.config file.