Unable to import SharePoint content to Ektron

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Some may experience issues with importing SharePoint content to Ektron. There are a few reasons why this behavior can occur:

  • The SharePoint user associated to the SharePoint Connector is not an Admin level account
  • The Ektron user associated to the Inbound Connector is not an admin level account.
  • The CMS user does not have full permissions to add content to a Folder
  • DXH cannot successfully connect to the endpoint address configured in the SharePoint Site's Web.Config
  • Mix-mode authentication is enabled in SharePoint in older versions of DXH
  • Ektron Web Services are blocked due to IP restrictions


There are some steps the can be taken to avoid running into this issue:

  1. Make sure the DXH version is up to date as there were some known issues that were fixed surrounding SharePoint: Portal.Ektron.com/Downloads, DXH Updates: Release Notes
  2. Use an admin level account when setting up an DXH Inbound connector and SharePoint Connector
  3. Make sure that the CMS user has the permissions to add content on the Folder level.
  4. Verify the Ektron Web Services can be connected to successfully. For more information on how to troubleshoot web service connectivity issues click here.
  5. DXH uses Port 8080 to communicate to SharePoint, make sure that this port is not blocked by the server firewall. For more information on how to open a port in Windows Firewall click here.
  6. Verify that the bindings have been added to the SharePoint Web Applications top-level Web.Config. For more information on setting up the SharePoint Connector please review the following documentation: Ektron Documentation: Setting Up the Digital Experience Hub