Content workspace

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Flexible workflows and powerful editors can handle marketing content and let you produce the variety of content assets that campaigns depend on. The content workspace lets you upload, comment, and version any file format that supports task completion (such as images, videos, presentations, PDFs) in a task, so you can create, collaborate, and approve a variety of non-article content.

Upload assets to the content workspace

From the task detail page, you can create/upload assets to the content workspace by clicking on the +Add Content button under the Content tab, which will provide with the following options.

Create options:  

  • Text Editor – Create an article.
  • Add URL – Add, or copy/paste a URL from the site you want to add the content. 
  • Microsoft Word – Create a Word file with the content directly on the task.
  • Microsoft Excel – Create spreadsheet directly on the task. 
  • Microsoft PowerPoint – Create presentation directly on the task. 


Select options

  • Marketplace – Select a Licensed Content article from Marketplace.
  • Library – Upload a single piece of content or a content bundle from your Library.
  • Upload – Upload files from your desktop to your workspace.

You can add more assets in the content workspace from +Add Content even after creating your article.

Preview assets in a workspace

Click an asset thumbnail to preview it. The following image shows a task with three assets; the MS-PowerPoint.pptx asset is previewed.


Manage asset versions

From the asset (in this case MS-PowerPoint-asset.pptx), open the context menu (...) and select Manage versions.


A Versions column displays where you can see all versions of this asset. Click + to upload a new (draft) version of the asset from your computer. 


If you want to compare asset versions or annotate and collaborate on asset versions, see Proofread assets.

Delete asset versions

To delete a specific version of the asset, select the version (such as Version 1), open the context menu (...) and select Delete Current Version.

You also can delete all versions of the assets (perhaps to start fresh) by selecting Delete All Versions.

Insert images from the workspace into an article

In the text editor, select the Image Search icon > This Task. Then, select the image from the workspace you want to insert in the text editor.


Upload and preview email HTML, TXT, and image files

You can upload zip files to tasks, extract the zipped files, preview, and even edit HTML and TXT files with embedded images in Optimizely Content Marketing Platform (CMP) to help streamline the editing and approval process and offer a seamless workflow. Go to Content view, click + Add Content and select Upload. Drag and drop files onto the Upload Content view.


You can upload a zip file which may contain HTML, text and image files inside. Click Extract to unveil the files.


Often, zip files contain folders to organize the files contained in the zip. As the files are extracted to the Content Workspace, the contents of the folders are extracted, but the folders themselves are not extracted. The notification message says '"Files successfully extracted"