Generate AI content

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You can use artificial intelligence (AI) to generate text in a task, based on a prompt, which is a description of the text you want. Integrating AI-driven content into Optimizely Content Marketing Platform (CMP) enhances productivity and streamlines the content creation process. AI offers a competitive edge in the market by giving you a valuable tool for creating content quickly and efficiently.

Key features:

  • Generate different types of text content, such as blog posts, article titles, or outlines for articles.
  • Input a topic and set the tone, sentiment, and word count limit for your content.
  • Regenerate content until you get the desired results.
  • Add the generated content directly to the editor with just a click.
  • Access the AI Text Generator from both the content tab and the editor.

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To generate text from a task, open the Content tab, click Add Content, then select Generate > Text


The Generate Text dialog box displays.


  • Blog Post, Title, Outline – Select the type of content you want AI to generate.
  • About – Describes the text you want the AI to generate, such as How does AI generate text?
  • Sentiment – Select Neutral, Positive, or Negative sentiment to add bias to the content.
  • Tone – Select Formal or Informal writing tone.
  • Work Limit – For Blog Post, you can specify up to 1000 words. For Outlines you can specify up to 75 words. Word Limit does not display for Title.

Generate blog posts

Enter a prompt in the About text box that describes the text you want the AI to generate, such as How does AI generate text? Click Next. The following examples show AI-produced content based on the settings you select.

Blog Post with positive sentiment, formal tone, and word limit

One result for How does AI generate text? 


You can click Re-Generate to change the text with a click, as shown in the following image.


Click Add to Editor to place the text in the Content editor.


Generate titles

Title with positive sentiment and formal tone

Contrast the positive sentiment results with the negative sentiment results in the next section.


You can click Re-Generate to change the text with a click. You can select one and click Add to Editor


Title with negative sentiment and formal tone

Contrast the negative sentiment results with the positive sentiment results in the previous section.


Generate outlines

Outline with neutral sentiment and word limit


The following image shows two of the five results. You can click Re-Generate to get even more options.


Select the check box for one or more options, and click Add to Editor. You can also indicate which options you like or dislike by clicking the thumbs up or thumbs down icons, which adds weight to future results.


Each time you click Add to Editor, another piece of content is added to the task. The following image shows three AI-generated pieces of content: blog post, title, and outline, giving you a running start at creating powerful content.


Access AI content from the editor

You can add AI text (such as an AI-generated title) to the current content in the editor by selecting Writing Aid > Smart Content.