Create brand templates

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Brand templates let you create image templates that you can reuse and repurpose. As a template creator, you can restrict aspects of the template to provide other users with a format to create branded assets.

See a demonstration video: How Brand Templates Work in Optimizely Content Marketing Platform.

Create template

Go to Library > Templates tab to create, view, organize, and use visual templates.

Admins, Creators, and Custom Roles with the Manage Templates permission can click Create Template to open the template and start creating their template.

When you finish designing your template, click Save.


The template editor has many options to help users create branded templates.

Set canvas size

Select a canvas size.


Templates tab

Select from existing templates to start creating your template. 


Elements tab

Click an element to place the element on the page. 


Library tab

Click an asset from the Optimizely Digital Asset Management (DAM) library to place the asset onto the canvas.


After adding an image to a template, selecting it on the canvas exposes editing options. Select More > Show Inspector for even more image options.


Uploads tab

Click Add File to upload images from your local files to add to your template.

Uploaded files are not added to the library automatically and are available only to the template.



Click a text element to place it on the page where you can move it and enter the title, heading, or paragraph content you want. 


Use the top toolbar to change font size, styling, and text position. Select More > Show Inspector to have more control over the text box's position and transform position and size.



The template editor has built-in fonts, but admin users can upload custom fonts. Go to your avatar > Asset Management to upload the fonts your organization has the right to use.


Click a shape to add it to the template.


You can modify many aspects of the shape with the tools at the top or Select More > Show Inspector for other options to select color, styling, position, and so on.


Set placeholders

After you design a template, you can decide what elements of that template others can edit, such as letting others only amend the wording on a template.

Click Placeholder to set an element as editable when someone uses the template. A menu displays to let the template creator define exactly what about that element can be edited.


Use a template

Go to Library > Templates tab and select a template. The right panel displays the template you selected.


Click Use Template. The template opens.

Click on an editable template portion, such as the image or the text field. A panel opens so you can modify the editable portion.


After you make changes, click Download to save a copy to your computer. You can also select More > Save to Library, save the copy to the Optimizely DAM as an exported image, or Create Task with the exported image.