Edit images

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The Image Editor lets you edit images—crop, rotate, focus, brightness, contrast, saturation, and more. It also features state-of-the-art photo filters and an easy-to-use text editor for adding text to an image.

You can find the Image Editor within Content Marketing Platform (CMP) from a few locations:

  • From the Library, double-click on an image asset, then click Edit.
  • From a task, select an image (from Marketplace or Library) and click Choose and Edit.
  • Within a task, click Edit (icon) on an image to open the version editor. Then, click Edit (icon) in the top left corner for each version to open that specific version of the image within the Image Editor.


Add preset or custom crop

You can select Preset Crops for organizations or social media platforms. You also can create organization-specific custom crops to add to the Preset crops.

To custom crop an image, disable the Keep Resolution before modifying dimensions.


Create organization-specific custom crop

To create your custom crop, do the following:

  1. Go to your avatar > Asset Management.
  2. Click Add New Crop Point. A dialog box displays.
  3. Enter a name for the custom crop point and height and width values.


  4. Click Confirm. The custom crop displays in the list.


    The custom crop point displays in the image editor.


Apply filters to images

The Filters view lets you apply DuoTone, B&W, Vintage, Smooth, Cold, Warm, and Legacy filters.


Adjust image brightness and other values

The Adjust view lets you modify Brightness, Contrast, Saturation, Gamma, Clarity, Shadows, Highlights, Exposure, Blacks, Whites, Temperature, and Sharpness values.


Adjust image focus

The Focus view lets you modify Radial, Mirrored, Linear, or Gaussian focuses.


Add text to an image

The Text view lets you add text (with font decorations) to your image.


Add designer text to an image

The Text Design view lets you add preset text styles (with font decorations) to your image.


Add stickers or emoticons to an image

The Stickers view lets you add Emoticons or Shapes to your image. You can also control the level of opacity of the stickers or shapes. You can upload custom overlays (such as logos and text) to your image editor and customize the image to meet your brand compliance.


Add brush drawing to an image

The Brush view lets you draw on your image. You can modify the brush color, size, and hardness.


Add a frame to an image

The Frames view lets you select from several frames to modify your image further.


Edit inline image attributes

When editing content, you can double-click an image in the editor to display and modify image width, height, and alt description. You can also change the source URL or upload a replacement image.


Save edited images

You can save the image in several ways:

  • Library – When you edit an image directly from the Library, select Save and Save As.
  • Task – Coming from a task, click Save. These are available for that specific task only until you complete your task.
  • Image version – Editing an image version creates another version within that task, and after you complete the task, the final version is available in the Library.