Reports on campaign performance

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Run and download reports to process data from Optimizely Content Marketing Platform (CMP) modules for campaign performance insights. An administrator can use reports to make informed decisions.

  • Use the template report to understand template usage for process optimization.
  • Use the workflow report to justify the cost of the platform and keep the instance clean.

Run reports

Only administrators can run reports.
  1. Select your avatar > Reports. 
  2. Select a Category.

  3. (Conditional) Select a date range for report data if you selected a Category of Campaigns, Tasks (3 months maximum, or Work Requests (6 months maximum).

  4. Click Select All data points or select one or more options you want to include in the report.
  5. Click Generate Report. You receive a notification when the report generation process starts and when it is complete.
    You can generate only one report at a time and must wait for the report to finish generating before requesting another. Requests for reports from multiple users are queued.
  6. Download the report in the Report History section or from the email address associated with your CMP account. The email download link expires in 24 hours from when you receive the email.

Report history

View or download the last 30 reports generated for each Category. Reports older than the last 30 generated for each category cannot be accessed.