Measure action analytics

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Action analytics measure the impact content has on your readers taking an action, such as subscribing to a newsletter or visiting a product page. Understanding which content prompts visitors to convert on goals is critical for optimizing content marketing ROI.

  • Show how content drives results that matter to your business.

    Prove program impact at stages of the funnel with aggregate metrics that measure content has an influence on a reader's behavior toward a purchase decision. Optimizely Content Marketing Platform (CMP) runs JavaScript on your site to determine how many actions came from a piece of content or from another part of your site. You can directly attribute that content to drive more Newsletter sign-ups, solutions page visits, product pricing page visits, and so on.

  • See which content drives actions on your site.

    By driving micro-conversions on your site, you can gain unparalleled content-centric visibility into which topics, authors, and formats resonate most.

  • Make more informed decisions about content creation.

    Leverage CMP's granular, content-centric insights to make the smartest, fastest decisions that move your audience from visitor to customer.

To view actions, go to Analytics view > Actions.