Set CMS destination folders in CMP

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Destination folders are short-cuts to sections of your content tree. For example, you may want to have a destination folder for News, Blogs, or whatever your content structure dictates.

  1. In CMP, go to your avatar > Integrations.
  2. Select the CMS integration.
  3. Open the Publishing tab.
  4. Click Add Destination Mapping. A new folder field displays.


  5. Click the folder field to display the content tree and select a folder to map.

    If the destination mapping folder drop-down list is blank, check your connection information between CMS and CMP. If the credentials are not set, are misconfigured, or were not deployed to your CMS environment, then CMP and CMS are not connected.
  6. Enter an alias (or shortcut name to areas of the content tree, such as Insights) for the folder.


  7. Click Save.