Subscriber collection campaign

  • Updated
If you had access to campaigns prior to April 2023, Optimizely updated the tab name from Campaigns to Activation. All functionality remains the same.

Many customers provide their email address before purchasing if given the opportunity to learn more about your brand, to be notified of new products, or to request a discount. The subsequent email campaigns will help drive retention and increase customer engagement.

This guide explains how to create your first collection modal with some assistance from the prebuilt Email Modal Collection campaign.

Find your collection campaign

You can customize the default Email Modal Collection campaign to start identifying your customers.

  1. Go to Activation > Engage.
  2. Use the search bar to locate and click Email Modal Collection.
  3. Select the Edit icon.

When, where, and who settings


Select where you want this content to appear.

  • The targeted location can be based on a page URL, UTM parameter, or custom query parameter.
  • The targeted location can contain, equal, not contain, or not be equal to the provided location.
  • You can target more pages or parameters via an OR operator.
  • You can target more pages or parameters via an AND operator. 
  • You can remove a previous selection by selecting the Remove icon when hovering over the row.



Choose when you want this content to appear.

  • Display immediately when the page loads – Shown to the customer as soon as they visit one of the selected pages. The other triggers will be disabled to prevent repeat showings.
  • Display after X – Shown to the customer after the allotted time.
  • Display on X% page scroll – Shown to the customer after they scroll a certain percentage of the page.
  • Display on exit intent – Shown to the customer when their mouse leaves the active window, indicating that they may intend to leave the page.


Choose how often you want this content to appear.

  • Limit to X displays per X (time range) per customer – Limit customers from seeing too much content in a single time period (like once per week).
  • Limit to X displays total per customer – Limit customers from seeing the content more than X number of times in total (such as 3 times in total).
  • Show on mobile (not recommended) – Determine the content's availability on mobile devices.

We do not recommend using the Show on mobile setting and have disabled it by default due to a Google policy. Google considers this content appropriate in some instances (like cookie acknowledgments), but generally discourages it. Your company's SEO may be negatively impacted if you enable this setting. Learn more here.

Design the modal

The default modal requires the first name, last name, and email. To edit these fields, click them to reveal the Details tab. This tab allows you to modify the format, spacing, links, and other element-specific settings.


The default modal directly subscribes customers to the Newsletter list unless otherwise updated.

Main and confirmation design

If the form does not redirect to another page with the Submit Button, you have the ability to toggle between main and confirmation designs. The main design is what your customers see when the content first displays. The confirmation design is what they see when they successfully submit the form.


Preview content

You can preview the pop-up or form on one of your website pages. All triggers are active during the preview, while all constraints are ignored

  1. Click Preview.
  2. Enter a page URL to use for the preview. Optimizely Data Platform (ODP) checks the page you have selected against the rules you have configured under Pages, so please ensure it is a valid page. 
  3. Select Generate Preview.


You can also share the generated link if you want to send it to someone else or to try it on another browser. This link will work for 24 hours.

Go Live

  1. Click Save.
  2. Select the campaign's name from the breadcrumb menu.
  3. Click Go Live.