Customer appreciation & offer

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Keep your shoppers engaged between purchases by targeting them with an appreciation campaign.

By default, the Customer Appreciation & Offer recipe has two Email touchpoints and targets customers who made any purchases during the holiday season (November 1 - December 31).


You successfully ran your Black Friday and Cyber Monday campaigns and want to thank your customers for supporting your brand and also get them to purchase during the off-season.

Configure the campaign

  1. Create a new One-Time Campaign, then select Customer Appreciation & Offer from the recipe collection.
  2. Expand Enrollment and decide whether you want to target the default Holiday Shoppers segment in your campaign or if you want to use a different segment or segment definition.
  3. Customize the first touchpoint. Update the placeholder texts with your brand's name, add the coupon code and offer details you wish to use, and check your subject line.


  4. Schedule your next touchpoint.
  5. Customize the second touchpoint. Replace the placeholder texts with your brand's name, discount code, and the offer you wish to use for this campaign.


  6. When you have previewed both touchpoints, go live with your campaign.

Take your campaign further

  • Make your campaign ominchannel by sending SMS or MMS messages alongside your emails.
  • If you have a conservative approach to sending discount offers to your customers, you can narrow down your target segment's definition:
    • Exclude loyal customers from the segment definition 
    • Exclude customers who never use coupons to purchase (Discount usage = never) from the segment definition
    • Include only first-time shoppers in the segment definition