Subscription recipes with ReCharge

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If you have a ReCharge subscription, you can use Optimizely Recipes for special ReCharge Checkout Abandonment, Subscription Winback, and Upcoming Subscription campaigns. These recipes help you increase your engagement with your customers and allow you to provide them with highly personalized and relevant messages, based on their subscription data.

Setup and recommendations 

  • Before you use Subscription Recipes with ReCharge, you need to enable the ReCharge app in the Optimizely App Directory. 
  • The ReCharge recipes are with the Behavioral campaign recipes. Look for the logo on the tiles.


  • Check the subject lines as you are customizing your recipe campaigns. While we added copy to the emails’ subject lines, you can update them with your copy.
  • Make your campaigns omnichannel by sending SMS or MMS messages with your emails.

Choose your recipes

ReCharge Checkout Abandonment

The ReCharge Checkout Abandonment recipe engages customers who are low in the purchase funnel to bring them back into the buying cycle and convert them into subscribers.


By default, the campaign targets people who have not completed a checkout with a subscription in the last 7 days.


Go to My Cart links to an individual shopper's ReCharge cart that contains the product(s) they abandoned.

The dynamic grid populates the subscription product(s) in their cart.


Subscription Winback

The goal of this two-touchpoint campaign is to re-engage lapsed subscribers who no longer have an active subscription with you.


By default, the campaign targets people who had at least one subscription with your brand but currently have no active subscriptions.


The Liquid used in the email populates the product to which your customer used to subscribe.

The default copies suggest you include a discount offer to persuade your customers to re-subscribe. Update these parts before you go live.


Upcoming Subscription

You can send automated messages to your subscribers, letting them know that they have an upcoming, recurring order.


By default, the campaign targets customers who have upcoming subscriptions within the next 30 days.


The 30-day window is determined by the Upcoming Subscription Charge filter that is created in your account when you configure this recipe. We recommend that you determine how many days ahead you want to message your subscribers.


The campaign's email contains Liquid for the subscription product, the date when they are going to be charged, and the price. A dynamic grid displays the name and image of their subscription product.

The bottom of the email contains a placeholder for a link where your subscribers can manage their subscriptions. Check that the link takes your subscribers to the desired destination before you launch your campaign.