Manage discounts

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Optimizely Customized Commerce has a set of built-in discounts that you can customize to accommodate specific campaigns. You can also apply discounts to create targeted campaigns.

A discount contains three components, color-coded to help you identify them:

  • Gray – Products or categories from which customers must make a purchase to activate the discount
  • Blue – Discounted items
  • Green – Discount amount or percentage


Create a discount

You can only add discounts to campaigns.
  1. Go to Marketing Create New > Discount.
    To add a discount directly to a campaign, in the row of the desired campaign, click More and select New Discount.
  2. Select the location where you want to create the discount, and click Select.
  3. Enter a Name for the discount.
  4. Select a discount type. For more information, see Built-in discounts.
  5. Enter the discount Name and click OK.
  6. (Optional) Enter a Description for the discount.
  7. (Optional) Upload a banner image to display for the discount on your web page.
  8. Set the Scheduling and Status for the discount. By default, the discount mirrors the dates/times of the campaign, but you can set different start and end dates if desired. Select the Active checkbox to make the discount active.
  9. Enter a Promotion code, if necessary. This code acts as a coupon that customers can use to receive the discount. When customers enter the Promotion code, it activates the discount.
  10. Complete the gray, blue, and green discount components that display.
    For help with completing the gray discount component, see Select discount-eligible items.
  11. (Optional) Select which items not to include in the discount.
  12. Enter any Redemption Limits, such as how many times customers can redeem a discount across all orders or per customer. You can change this number at any point without affecting the number of redeemed discounts.
  13. Click Save.

Select discount-eligible items

When creating a discount, there is a gray discount component which lets you choose the products or categories from which customers must make a purchase to activate the discount. You can select:

  • One or more categories so that all products from those categories are eligible for the discount. Select the Include subcategories checkbox to include products that belong to subcategories of your selected categories. This checkbox is selected by default.
  • Individual products, SKU, or package.
  • A catalog (only available for specific discount types).

A package counts as one item when calculating the X in Buy at least X items.

If a customer purchases a bundle, the system treats those items like the customer ordered them separately.

Copy a discount

You can copy (or cut) and paste any discount to another campaign (or the same campaign) by clicking More and selecting Copy or Cut. You can also drag and drop discounts between campaigns. When you copy and paste a discount, a number is appended to its name to distinguish it from the original discount.

Copying a discount copies all field values except for status and dates:

  • The copied discount is inactive by default.
  • If the scheduling value is Same as the campaign, the value is maintained, and the dates are adjusted to match the active dates of the campaign to which you are copying the discount.
  • If the scheduling value is Different start and end dates, those dates are copied to the new discount.
  • If one or both dates are outside of the date range of the campaign to which you are copying the discount, a warning displays next to that date. No other warning is issued either initially or if you later edit the discount.
  • If a conflict exists between a campaign's and a discount's active dates, the campaign's active dates override the discount's active dates. For example, a campaign runs from June 1 until June 30 at midnight, while one of its copied discounts has a start date of June 15 and an end date of July 15. As of July 1, that discount is no longer active.

Edit a discount

  1. Expand a campaign to view its discounts.
  2. Click the name of the discount or select More > Edit.
  3. Edit the desired information and click Save.

Delete a discount

  1. Expand a campaign to view its discounts.
  2. Select More > Delete.
  3. A verification message displays. Click Delete.

Item discounts

For item discounts, the blue discount component where you manage discount items has a Limit number of discounted items drop-down list. This lets you restrict how many items customers can discount in their order. For example, a customer buying five shirts may get a discount on two. To determine which items to discount, Optimizely Customized Commerce calculates the maximum customer savings.

Item discount example

Discount – Buy at least 9 eligible items, and get a 25% discount on 3.

Sample order before discount

Item Quantity Cost per item Item total
White shirt 5 $5.00 $25.00
Blue shirt 2 $10.00 $20.00
Yellow shirt 2 $15.00 $30.00
Total cost = $75.00

After discount

The discount is first applied to the two most expensive items, the yellow shirts. Next, it is applied to one of the next most expensive items, a blue shirt. Since only three items are discounted, the second blue shirt is full price.

Item Quantity Cost per item Line item total
White shirt 5 $5.00 $25.00
Blue shirt 1 $10.00 $10.00
Blue shirt 1 $7.50 (25% discount on 1 item) $7.50
Yellow shirt 2 $11.25 (25% discount on 2 items) $22.50
Total cost = $65.00