Edit pages in Spire

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This article explains how to edit page details for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and for your customers to find your content. 

Edit page details

  1. Click the Edit icon in the Content Editor. main_page_spire.png
  2. Select a page from the Pages panel.
  3. Click the More Options icon. 
  4. Click Edit Page.
  5. Add the SEO Title to help your page populate in search results. This is the <title> tag on the page that displays in the browser window when users view the corresponding storefront page. 
  6. Create a URL segment for this page. For example, the Contact Us page might be contact-uscontactus, or another combination.

    Your URL segment cannot contain spaces.

  7. Add meta-keywords and a meta-description to improve search results by adding more information for your users to find the page. This step is optional but recommended.
  8. Add tags, if desired.
  9. Select the Hide Breadcrumbs checkbox to prevent the navigational breadcrumb links from showing to users, if desired (such as Home>My Account>Contact Us).
  10. Click Advanced to set an Open Graph title, URL, and image to help increase your SEO in Facebook's Open Graph search platform.
  11. Choose to hide the header or footer on this page.
  12. Select the checkboxes to hide this page from external search engines, like Google.
  13. Select Exclude from Navigation to hide this page from your website's navigation. Users can only access this page with a direct link.
  14. Select Exclude From Sign In Required to allow users to see this page without signing in to your site.
  15. Click Save.

Edit page content

You can use widgets to add, edit, or remove information on the page itself. To learn more about widget configuration and how to use them to organize a page, review the Work with widgets in Spire article.